At HDM Industrial Ltd., we provide qualified technical consultancy, proven quality investment casting equipments and investment casting consumables to investment casting foundries. We are also offering investment casting parts manufacturing service for automotive, defence, aerospace, medical and other sectors.


We are the exclusive sales partner of Mayo Engineering Ltd. (U.K.) and Modtech Pvt. Ltd. We are proud of supplying number one investment casting equipments around the world and within Turkey. Our company has developed with the countenance of its customers and today we have several equipments installed in several foundries; including complete automated shell room systems, wax injection presses etc. Also we are supplying consumables like investment casting waxes and colloidal silica to several foundries.


Thanks to the Morsa Wachswarenfabrik –our partner in wax business- company, today we are also supplying well quality casting waxes to jewellry and dental sectors. Also we are able to accept your used waxes for reclamation.


We are able to supply colloidal silica to investment casting foundries and refractory materials manufacturers. Consistency is under control and we are able to supply specific customer requirements of colloidal silica.


At HDM Industrial Ltd. the key for all our activities is to be the best partner for all ouf our shareholders and our humans. We have 5 key factors which carries us to sustainable growth.We call these factors as “5Keys” at HDM Industrial. Customer oriented service, respect to human and environment, innovation, performance and quality is our 5 keys.


Our Mission: “Always, provide excellent quality,economic and reliable service to our customers with a customer oriented approach. Supplying the right product and service, at the right time with right cost to our customers and become the number one partner of our customers.”


Our Vision: “Including all the services that we provide; supporting the development of investment casting sector in Turkey and take place in all kind of activities in order to encourage the development of investment casting in our country.”


HDM Industrial Ltd.