HDM Industrial is supplying colloidal silica to investment casting foundries and refractory materials manufacturers for years. Also we are able to supply customer specific colloidal silica requirements upon request. Please feel free to contact with us for your colloidal silica requirements. We will provide you the best product which exactly meets your requirements.

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Information About Colloidal Silica

Colloidal silica is used in investment casting manufacturing process.

In order to prepare the shells from  the wax pattern trees, a ceramic slurry is prepared. The main material that gives its specific property to the slurry is colloidal silica. The binding property of the colloidal silica is the key here. Thanks to the binding property of our colloidal silica, an adequate shell around the wax pattern tree occurs and the process can continue further.

The name colloidal silica is given to the product because of the SiO2  (Silica) content. It is in a colloidal form inside the solution. That’s why we call this special silica dispersion as colloidal silica.

Commercial colloidal silica products are available in different concentrations such as 20% - 30% - 40% etc...

30% colloidal silica dispersions are ideal for investment casting. Both the 30% concentrations and the others are not only limited with investment casting applications.

Colloidal silica has a wide variety of application areas such as; investment casting, refractories & castables, paper manufacturing, dental laboratories, beverages, textile, ceramics, paints and coatings.

HDM industrial has been supplying its colloidal silica to the investment casting foundries, refractory & castables manufacturers and dental laboratories for a few years. Meanwhile, we are now have the ability to supply colloidal silica according to the specific customer needs in different sectors.

Just let us know your requirements. We will offer you the exact colloidal silica that you need. Please feel free to contact with us for further details.