HDM Industrial Ltd. is established for providing complete investment casting system solutions and investment casting consumables (such as casting waxes, colloidal silica etc.) to investment casting foundries.

Today, HDM Industrial is the exclusive distributor of Mayo Engineering Ltd., Modtech® Pvt. Ltd. and Morsa Wachswarenfabrik Gmbh.

Our range of machines are not only limited with brand new items, but also we are able to provide second hand machines. HDM Industrial has installed complete investment casting foundries in Turkey and also supplied several machines to investment casting foundries in Turkey. Also we have been supplying counsumables to foundries for years. Our range of consumables includes investment casting waxes, colloidal silica and casting sands.

The activities of HDM Industrial Ltd. is not limited with supplying equipments and consumables to foundries. We are also providing sufficient engineering services including; expertise  of plant valuation, foundry investment feasibility services in technical and financial aspects and also we are able to quote for your investment casting parts no matter if it is steel or aluminium for automotive, defence, aerospace and several industries.


We will provide you the best solution for your specific requirements.

Please feel free to contact with us in case of any inquiries about investment casting and let’s develop your business together.